Frielo® Cut straw chopper blades





























Frielo® Cut harvester straw chopper blades are made
of high-strength tempered chrome vanadium steel in a controlled production process that is nearly fully automated.
This results in a favorable cost situation that keeps the price low.

In addition to the material, the hardness structure is very important for good behavior of the blades. This is achieved with Frielo® Cut harvester straw chopper blades by constant laser cam surveillance of the hardening temperatures and 100% computer monitoring of the energy level needed during tempering of the blades..

Constant high quality

Other production steps are also continuously monitored for quality assurance. This guarantees high-quality products on a permanent basis. All quality-related data is documented and archived for 10 years. The production mark impressed on each blade ensures traceability down to the last detail even over an extended period of time.

The mounting hole for the bushing must meet high

1. The entire high pressure from the centrifugal force
resulting from the high speed of rotation must be absorbed
on a relatively small surface.

2. The blade must remain perfectly straight, to prevent
lateral break loose or wobbling.

On conventional blades the holes are punched. In the punching process, only a very small part of the hole is cut, the rest breaks out. The result is that the hole is extremely conical due to the breakage, and also has severe grooves.
Therefore, the percentage contact area of a punched hole is extremely low.

With higher quality blades, the holes are punched somewhat smaller and then reamed out.

The percentage contact area in this design is considerably higher.

The holes in Frielo® Cut harvester straw chopper blades are made using a special process. The result is an extremely precise hole with a percentage contact area of approximately 96%.

Just a few grams of weight tolerance in the blade cause a signifi cant unbalance of the rotor, which can destroy the harvester straw chopper.
Therefore, the material used for the Frielo® Cut harvester straw chopper blades is manufactured according to a special process with thickness tolerances of only a few hundredth millimeters. The width tolerance of the primary material is also reduced by mechanical processing to a few hundredth millimeters..

In addition, the weight of the blades is monitored during
the entire production process..
This is the only way that Frielo® Cut harvester straw
chopper blades can ensure the required even concentric
runout of the rotor..

In case the adapter end of the cup is not 100% square-edged, normal blades can jam.
Frielo® Cut harvester straw chopper blades are beveled on both sides of the hole, so that the blades can always run freely.