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Retainers are very dangerous safety parts.

Frielo® Flex retainers are manufactured from tempered
spring steel in a controlled production process that is nearly fully automated. This results in a favorable cost situation that keeps the price low.
Constant high Quality
The entire production process is continuously monitored for quality assurance.
This guarantees high-quality products on a permanent basis. All quality-related data is documented and archived for 10 years. The production mark impressed on each retainer ensures traceability down to the last detail even over an extended period of time.
Well elaborated details – for supreme saftey
The locating bolt for the blade is a very important part of the mounting system. The material from which the bolt is made, the hardening of the bolt and the type of mounting are all critical factors.

The bolts used in Frielo® Flex retainers are manufactured
without exception from special high-grade steel.
The bolts are hardened primarily by induction or respectively by special case-hardening processes, so that the core of the bolt remains soft and only the area subjected to strain by the blade is highly tempered (see fig. 1,2 Detail A).

The advantage of this over a bolt that is thoroughly
hardened is that it can’t break.

The bolts in Frielo® Flex retainers are riveted into the sheet metal in warm condition. The advantage of this procedure is the more effective forming of the material during riveting, so that it presses against all side surfaces.
Also, the bolts become very tight due to contraction of the material during cooling.

The hole into which the bolt is riveted in Frielo® Flex retainers is countersunk from below.
During the force fi tting the material is fl owing into the
countersink (see fig. 2, Detail B).

If the riveted head of the bolt is ever worn down by
the turf to the surface of the sheet metal, the bolt still cannot fl y away, because it is held in the countersink